Unlock the full potential of your data.

Intuite.ai generates privacy-compliant synthetic data allowing your company to focus on data-driven innovation.

Synthetic data is the new industry standard

Traditional anonymization techniques are based on information destruction, and they ultimately reduce data utility.

Intuite.ai fills the gap between data utility and data security

using deep learning generative models to create realistic, synthetic datasets with the same statistical characteristics as any given real data set.

Synthetic vs. Anonimized data example

Key benefits

Increase data security

by handling only synthetic yet statistically representative data

Reduce risks and cut the costs

associated with data anonymization activities

Share safely with third parties

100% GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant

Intuite.ai user interface

Discover how to integrate Intuite.ai into your data pipelines.

Use cases


Bring fresh ideas to the market, boosting innovation processes while ensuring data privacy. Easily share outside statistical information to develop new products and services while focusing on your USP.


Share your datasets safely within your company or across legal boundaries, avoiding the hurdle of compliance policies.


Whether you work with internal departments or external experts for your advanced data analysis providers, protect your customers' privacy using synthetic data.


In today's economy data is one of the most valuable assets. Intuite.ai offers artificially generated data that you can safely sell on data marketplaces.


Restrictive privacy regulations compel companies to erase customers’ data after its retention period is exceeded. Intuite.ai allows you to generate realistic, artificial data that can be legally retained without breaching your clients’ trust.


Less than 20% of data can be used for analysis due to the lack of customers’ consent. Use synthetic data to overcome this barrier.